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Formally has a free tier but our paid plans unlock many more features. This page documents those features.

Overview / Terminology

When signing up to Formally each user belongs to an 'Organistion'. This allows users to invite others to create forms with them in their 'Organisation'.

Each Organisation can have Subscription(s) to Product(s) which unlock features.

Product features

  • Number of forms (in the organisation)
  • Number of users (in the organisation)
  • Response email notifications:
    • None (not allowed to send email notifications)
    • Send email to Sign In when a new response is received
    • Send email with the response included in the email text (body)
    • Send email with the response attached, as a CSV
    • Further, when an email has a link to a file download these links can either:
      • require Sign In (recommended), or
      • be unauthenticated (not recommended)
  • Total file size of file uploads
  • SDK licence duration
  • SDK number of custom fields


Our Pricing page has all the details.