About Us

We believe digital tools should work for everybody

Accessible, inclusive digital experiences are better for everyone. Labels, hints, fieldset grouping, and error summaries help everyone fill in forms, not just people who use screen readers. High contrast colours always help people see text better. They should be the standard, not an afterthought or add on.

Our story

Formally is brought to you by Springload Te Pipītanga, an independent digital agency based in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Form builders are cheap but limited, and any feature outside of the standard templates often need a bespoke app with a big budget. At Springload, we build bespoke apps for our clients, and build accessibility into everything we make. We saw a gap in the market to expand the capabilities of form builders so we could save people time and money, and increase digital inclusion.

We created Formally to give more people access to a wider range of powerful form features, without the added price tag.

The name ‘Formally’ comes from a combination of ‘form’, the product itself, and ‘a11y’, which is an abbreviation of accessibility (‘a’ followed by 11 characters and then ‘y’). We changed this to ‘ally’, which is screen reader friendly and literally spells out our commitment to being an ally by building tools that promote digital inclusion and accessibility.

Our mission

To promote digital inclusion, accessibility, and cultural competency by creating digital tools that work for everybody.

Meet the Formally team

Bron Thomson, Chief Executive Officer
Matthew Holloway, Chief Technology Officer
Alexa Patterson, Head of Product
Ben Wright, Head of UX and Design
Richard McMillan, Technical and Infrastructure Director
Cora Dale, Accessibility Specialist and Tester
Ella Price, Marketing and Communications
Lorna Goodwin, Cultural and Community Advisor
Johann Dickson, Infrastructure and Devops
Kieran Snapes, Senior Back-end Developer
Liam Johnston Senior Front-end Developer
Yuzi Ma Senior Front-end Developer