Form Builder

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The Form Builder is a user-friendly way of authoring forms in Formally (although developers may prefer our SDK).


The form builder is available to customers and it has 3 regions.

  1. 'Tree' (the left column)
  2. 'Tree Item' (the middle column)
  3. 'Draft Preview' (the right column)


As part of our commitment to accessibility we try to ensure that all parts of Formally are accessible, which includes the Form Builder itself.

Keyboard use of the 'Tree'.

Navigate to the tree (move focus to the tree) and then use these commands.

Move around treeArrow keys
Execute primary action for selected itemsEnter
Start keyboard-bound Drag-and-Drop sequenceControl and D
Complete keyboard-bound Drag-and-Drop sequenceEnter
Toggle the select-state of the focused itemControl and Space bar
Move focus to first item in treeHome
Move focus to last item in treeEnd
Bring up the search input and focus it.Searching can be started by pressing any letter button.
Abort search and hide the search inputEscape or Enter
Abort keyboard-bound Drag-and-Drop sequenceEscape